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Thorough Claims Assistance from La Crosse’s Top Disability Attorney

Discover the steps needed to successfully file and receive compensation for your social security disability claim with help from The Law Office of Peter T. Waltz. With over three decades of experience as a disability attorney, Peter Waltz provides unmatched legal representation. If you need to file a social security disability claim, you need our disability attorney working your case. The claims process is difficult and can feel endless, but attorney Waltz will help you gather medical information, communicate with doctors and insurance companies, document medical expenses, provide consultation on financial decisions, and assist you with legal documents. Disability law is not something to tackle on your own—let our social security disability lawyer give you the legal assistance you need for a successful claim. 

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Eligibility for Social Security Disability Claims

With attorney Waltz’s singular knowledge of disability law, he can explain legal parlance with ease. If this is your first time filing a social security disability claim or if your claim has been denied, we recommend consulting with our disability attorney. If you’re unable to work due to a serious physical illness or mental illness (PTSD, depression, manic depression, or schizophrenia), you may be eligible for social security disability. During your complimentary consultation, attorney Waltz will work with you to determine the outcome of your social security disability claim. Don’t give up—visit our law office today and our attorney will work hard to help you get the funds you need.

  • Receive legal assistance every step of the way for your social security disability claim. From financial decisions to accurate documentation, our attorney will ensure you have everything you need for your claim.
  • Understand your eligibility to file a social security disability claim. Whether you have a chronic physical condition or mental health disorder, if it prohibits you from working, you need financial assistance.
  • Hire a disability attorney who cares about your case. Peter T. Waltz has helped many clients in his 30 years of practice and always pays personal attention to each case.
  • Benefit from a free consultation with our social security disability lawyer. Every case requires separate research and analysis. You can rest assured that our attorney will let you know the potential outcome of your case.

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